Circles J and Daisy B

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Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 16.5000CM
Product Width: 6.5000CM
Product Weight: 50.0000G
17,00 €
Ruler no.30 - Circles J and Daisy B


Quilting ruler no. 30 = daisy and circles 5.5 "hr.6mm

Price excluding VAT: 17 Eur / 14,17 Eur, converted to CZK according to the current NBS exchange rate on the day of the order

The height of the quilting hand is 17 cm and the width is 9.5 cm. Diameter of pattern 14cm. The rule is supplied with a central anchor and 5 metal tabs. For a simpler job, the cap pattern has a pattern of 22.5 degrees. The axis is always passed through the quilted list. Engraved line tickets help with positioning.

Metal grips are consumables. They could be bought separately in sets of 5 pieces. One handle can be used even 10 times.

The quilting template can be used separately or in addition to the quilting guide frame 20.

The quilting frame 20 is configured to include various templates, including pattern patterns on templates 30, 31, 32, 33, in the shape of a halftone and halftone inner halves. However, all templates can be used separately without quilting frame.

2 quilting frame knobs are tailored for good frame holding at work. Rubber anti-slip pads on the underside of the guide frame ensure that the quilted sandwich, quilting ruler and frame are moving at the same time.

Doors inside the frame are half height.

The frame has a labeled axis at 22.5 degrees, and its semi-circular tabs on the quilting hands are 45 degrees apart.

The quilting frame 20 is made of the finest material. The thickness of the material is adjusted to the height of the inserts so that the top side is in the same plane as the frame.

Insert templates and quilting frame 20 together temporarily when quilted with adhesive tape.