Double Circle 10

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Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 25.4000CM
Product Width: 10.1600CM
Product Height: 0.6000CM
Product Weight: 160.0000G
11,00 €
Quilting ruler DOUBLE CIRCLE # 11 - 10" 25,4x12,7 cm


Quilting Ruler # 11 = Double 10 "x4" / 1 "Ribbon 6mm

11Eur / 299 kč with VAT

9,17Eur / 247,5Kč without VAT

In the length of 10 "= 25.4 cm and the height of the large arc 4" = 10.16 cm. The height of the shallow half is 1 "= 25.4 mm, the vertical axis divides the ruler into two equal halves, the horizontal axis separates the large and small arches, the horizontal axis is located at 1" (25.4mm)

In the middle, lines run at an angle of 45 degrees.

At the end of the ruler there is a hanging hole / wire for contour quilting and applications.

If you place the anchor in the suspension hole, you can create a myriad of other patterns with the center in the anchor.

The quilting ruler is made of the finest material and supplied with a protective foil. The 6mm thick material protects your sewing machines from damage to the needle and bead bar.