Heart 6

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Product Code:R-001-491440

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 17.0000CM
Product Width: 12.7000CM
Product Weight: 68.0000G
13,50 €
Quilting ruler no. 40 - Heart 6"


Quilting ruler no. 40-heart cord 6 "= 15,24cm, hr.6mm

Price excluding VAT: 13,50 Eur / 11,25 Eur, converted to CZK according to the current exchange rate sheet nbs on the day of the order

Quilting template 40 has a width of 12.7cm and a height of 17cm. . Vertical and horizontal rasterization is made at 1.5 "= 3.81cm. The quilting ruler serves to pre-curve the heart-shaped curvature at a height of 6". Engraved lines are distinctive, they are backlit on the illuminated work area.

The second horizontal line from the top along with the horizontal end of the ruler to the right above the 6 "is used for aligning the border while quilting. Vertical lines on the right and left sides serve to correctly position the heart at the beginning and end of the curb.

Note: The left side of the heart is created when the template is laid face up, the right side of the heart is quenched when the template is laid down (mirror image)

The quilting ruler 40 is made of the finest material and supplied with a protective foil. The 6mm thick material protects your sewing machines from damage to the needle and bead bar.