Piano keys 0,25

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Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 17.0000CM
Product Width: 5.5000CM
Product Height: 0.6000CM
Product Weight: 48.0000G
15,00 €
Quilting ruler PIANO KEYS no.18 - 0,25" 17x06 cm


Quilting ruler no. 18 = Piano Keys 0,25 "17x5,5cm, 6mm

15Eur / 408 CZK incl. VAT

12,50 Eur / 337,50 CZK without VAT

In the length of 17 cm and height of 5.5 cm. The raster distance is 0.25 "(6.35cm). The ruler has horizontal guide lines spaced 1/4 inches and half inches, ie 6.35 and 12.7mm, and a vertical and horizontal axis for easy line feed.

The inner opening also serves as a suspension hole.

The quilting template has a removable "door" for easy insertion and removal of the quilting foot

The quilting ruler is made of the finest material and supplied with a protective foil. The 6mm thick material protects your sewing machines from damage to the needle and bead bar.