Rope 1,0

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Product Code:R-1-4910A

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 15.0000CM
Product Width: 7.5000CM
Product Height: 0.6000CM
Product Weight: 68.0000G
18,00 €
Quilting ruler no. 5A - ROPE 1,0"


Quilting ruler 5A = 15x7,5cm and 6mm

Price / VAT: 18 Eur / 15 Eur, converted to CZK according to the current NBS fiche on the day of the order

15 cm long and 7.5 cm high. The height of the quilt after quilting will be 1 "= 25.4 mm. The size of the marginal bends is 1". Horizontal guide belts feature the center of the strand and the upper and lower edges of the pre-fabricated rope. Marginal arches serve to shade quilting of a sewn curl. They follow its edge and repeat it at the desired distance

The quilting template has a removable "door" for easy insertion and removal of the quilting foot

The quilting ruler 5A can be attached to the guide frame 20 and worked with it. The advantage is an enlarged surface, a suitably shaped handle. Anti-skid pads on the underside of frame 2 ensure that you move the frame, ruler and sandwich simultaneously.

The quilting ruler is made of the finest material and supplied with a protective foil. The 6mm thick material protects your sewing machines from damage to the needle and bead bar.