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Product Code:R-001-000

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 17.7000CM
Product Width: 9.5000CM
Product Height: 0.6000CM
Product Weight: 66.0000G
17,04 €
Quilting ruler no. 4A - Shell


Quilting ruler 4A = 17,5x9,5cm hr.6mm

Price excluding VAT: 17 Eur / 14,17 Eur, converted to CZK according to the current exchange rate sheet nbs on the day of the order

Length 17.5cm and height 9.5cm. Large arc diameter 4.5 "= 11.43cm. Small arc radius 1.5" = 3.81cm. Vertical axes and angles of 45 degrees in a large arc. Horizontal guide belts feature places where the quilted curve line ends.

The semi-blades at the ends of the ruler serve to be attached to the guide frame 20.

An angle of 45 degrees is used to shoot curves in quilting, respectively. Mark the arcs and ends of the curve

At the end of the ruler there is a hanging hole / wire for contour quilting and applications

If you place the anchor in the suspension hole, you can create a myriad of other patterns with the center in the anchor.

The quilting ruler 4A can be attached to the guide frame 20 and worked with it. The advantage is an enlarged surface, a suitably shaped handle. The anti-skid pad on the underside of the frame 20 ensures that you move the frame, ruler and sandwich simultaneously.

The quilting ruler is made of the finest material and supplied with a protective foil. The 6mm thick material protects your sewing machines from damage to the needle and bead bar.